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I remember being on the very first client call that I was responsible for leading at my first job. The client kept asking about changes to the CTA – “lets move the CTA here, let’s make the CTA bigger” – you know, typical things. After about 5 minutes I chimed in with “I’m sorry, I don’t see the word CTA on my version of the creative.” The silence on the phone was deafening. Luckily my team members made a lighthearted joke, and we moved on.

I guess we all have to start somewhere! This is my journey.

The Road to Today

Experian CheetahMail


Role: Account Manager

“On behalf of Experian Cheetahmail it is with great pleasure that I extend to you our offer of employment.” This was it! My first corporate job, and the foundation of my career in digital marketing. But I had no idea what to expect. The job description read “Account managers play a critical and essential role in production and delivery of clients’ email campaigns. They are the main point of contact when it comes to managing against email calendars, executing on daily email production and answering any production related questions.” What does that mean?! Thanks to a very supportive manager and team, I ramped up quickly, working on some very complex builds and owning the relationship with Hallmark, a key client.



Roles: Account Manager, Sr. Account Manager, Associate Director of Client Experience, Director of Customer Success

“We are pleased to confirm our offer to have you join RevTrax.” Another set of firsts! My first job change, my first start-up, my first time negotiating salary, and my first time being married to my job. During the years I dedicated to RevTrax I bled blue and orange, and in return they put me on a rocketship to success. From owning a sizeable book of business as an Account Manager, to eventually heading up the entirety of the Customer Success team, the growth I experienced personally and professionally armed me with the tools that are still in my arsenal. Working with clients ranging from CPGs like Stonyfield and Applegate to retailers like Men’s Wearhouse and Advance Auto Parts taught me to be nimble, strategic, and resilient, which have immensely helped me to succeed. 



Role: Manager, Retail Operations

Spanish tapas, anyone? Continuing the tradition of “firsts,” this was my first overseas assignment. Embedded as a consultant at Carrefour’s Madrid HQ, I experienced first hand what it takes to deliver an impactful engagement meant to be the basis of a global relationship. After years of working on a larger book of business, focusing on a single client, and being an extension of their brand, was an entirely new experience that educated me on how to think like a client. The traditional two hour lunch breaks weren’t too shabby either!

Movable Ink

Movable Ink

Role: Director of Retail Strategy, Global Practice Lead

When an INKredible (see what I did there?) opportunity presents itself, you have to jump on it. Although I was very happy with my previous role, Movable Ink presented the opportunity of a lifetime. Coming into an already established organization, I would be building an entirely new team to act as heads of strategy on key accounts, focusing on pushing the envelope of what is possible. Heading up global retail strategy, my team is responsible for creating the roadmaps and playbooks that dictate how we drive success for our clients. Acting as Movable Ink’s retail ambassador and thought-leader, while working with a hyper-intelligent and driven team is the dream, and that is what I have at Movable Ink. 

Learning Along the Way

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Zicklin School of Business

Master’s in Business Administration

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