4 Ways Mobile Marketers Can Create Relevant, Cross-Channel Experiences

It’s a brand new (mobile) world! There’s no denying it – consumers are tethered to their phones. With Sendpulse reporting that 83% of millennials sleep with their phones beside them in bed, and eMarketer projecting US m-commerce sales will reach $588 billion by 2023, it’s easy to see why mobile is now a key component of any marketing strategy. 

Transform Holiday Campaigns Into Long-Term Success

As part of an ongoing thought-leadership series, Wunderkind teams up with thought-leaders from around the industry to discuss the hottest trends and most effective marketing strategies. This time, we teamed up with Julio Lopez, Associate Director of Client Strategy, Movable Ink, to recap some of the biggest takeaways from Cyber Week. We discuss the most successful holiday tactics and find out how your brand can iterate on holiday success and activate your customers in the new year.

Video: Retail Deep Dive on Loyalty and Integrated Data Strategies

Movable Ink’s retail strategist Julio Lopez shares email and digital marketing strategies for embracing data to drive more personal and real-time campaigns. Learn how an integrated tech stack can automate production, drive more engagement, and exceed customer expectations.

Webinar: How to Use Data & Design to Drive Cross-Channel Personalization at Scale

We’re teaming up with Yes Marketing to discuss proven strategies for leveraging customer and behavioral data to develop informed, personalized, and visuals cross-channel campaigns.

Podcast: Braze for Impact – Visual Experience Platforms

In the latest episode of Braze’s Next-Gen Email podcast series, Movable Ink’s Julio Lopez explains the concept of a visual experience platform & how it can be used to create dynamic, personalized emails that move across channels.

5 Cool Personalization Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Brands and retailers are constantly thinking about the ways they connect with their audiences. “What can we do to make our marketing messages resonate?”  is a question we hear regularly, and the answer is short — personalized experiences — that’s what your customers want. 

Video: The Marketer Minute – Episode 2: Under Armour & Real-Time Product Recommendations

Movable Ink’s Marketer Minute series is designed for curious marketers who are short on time. In this episode, watch Julio Lopez, Associate Director of Client Strategy, explain how Under Armour leveled up their campaigns with real-time product recommendations.

Webinar: Black Friday Strategies for Retail Marketers Featuring DSW

It’s that time of year again. We’re here to help you tackle anything Black Friday and the winter holidays will throw at you.
In this webinar, Julio Lopez, Associate Director of Client Strategy and resident retail expert will be sitting down with DSW to discuss how they used our platform to transform campaigns for the holiday season and beyond.

Webinar: How Brands Can Amplify Email with UGC and Loyalty

Brands today are constantly looking for ways to stand out in their customers’ inbox and provide meaningful engagement. We’ve teamed up with Curalate and CrowdTwist to share our best advice for leveraging UGC in your loyalty campaigns.

5 Key Takeaways from CRMC 2019

For 26 years, CRMC has continued to deliver as the premier CRM event of the year. This year, with loyalty marketing at the forefront, we got to experience once more the resounding impact of this intimate event. As the expo booths begin to come down, we can take a beat before the next stop of the conference season.